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Our Mission

 We help people and businesses that have large liabilities to the IRS or the State. If they qualify, we can settle their debt for a fraction of what they owe. If not, we still make sure to get them into a payment plan to prevent any liens, levies, or garnishments.


We can determine quite quickly what the best course of action will be. We also prepare and file past delinquent tax return quickly (which is often a big part of the problem). 


As we know, tax issues can create great stress, depression, and anxiety. It can seem overwhelming when an individual tries to take on these collection agencies by themselves while being at risk of garnishments or property seizures.


MacMartin Tax Solutions puts its experience to work, understands how to deal with these issues, and takes the burden away from you.

Why choose Macmartin Tax Solutions?
1)  We are a small team who gets big results.


With us, you get a personalized team who will handle your case from start to finish.  We have tax professionals who maintain a high standard of accountability throughout the entire process.  We believe personal attention on each and every case is part of the blueprint for success.


2) We only work with people we can help

We never take on a case without a full free consultation to determine if we can help you out, but also to determine if we are a good fit to work together.  It is true that we may not be able to help someone out for specific reasons.  We make sure to determine that before taking the case.  We care about each and every prospect that reaches out to us.

3)  We have 100% Guarantee

Our goal is to get the IRS out of your life!  When we have a solid understanding of what it will take to solve the issues, we implement a course of action.  We stick to that game plan until completion.  We pride ourselves with excellent communication and accountability. 

Our Expertise

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